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Gold tends to do well when people are concerned about inflation and the risks to the financial system. An increasing number of investors are becoming risk-averse, and they are putting their money into gold in the hopes of making a profit. Analysts are afraid that the Federal Reserve will continue to hike interest rates in 2016, and that the Fed may be obliged to implement negative interest rates. Despite the fact that gold does not pay interest, its price continues to climb. Even when real interest rates are good, investors choose to hold gold rather than paper assets. The real interest rate is equal to the interest rate less the inflation rate.

More than 20% of global GDP is operating in a negative interest rate environment, with negative yields paid on more than $7 trillion in global debt. According to the Federal Reserve, people are paying their banks to deposit their money or the government to invest in their bonds as a result of negative interest rates. If storing cash in the bank is costing you money, it would be wise to invest in gold and create an opportunity to make a return on your investment.
Gold jewellery is a significant source of consumer demand in India. As part of their tradition, Indians have long used gold jewellery to exchange money. Because stocks and gold tend to move in opposing directions, gold investing has evolved over time to function as a safe haven in volatile markets.

The Factors Influencing Gold Prices

The purchasing power of the US currency
Because gold is measured in dollars, the price of gold is frequently inversely linked to the worldwide value of the US dollar. Assuming all other circumstances are equal, a stronger US dollar tends to keep the price of gold lower and more tightly regulated, whilst a weaker US currency tends to drive the price of gold higher via increasing demand (because more gold can be purchased when the dollar is weaker). As a result, gold is usually referred to as a “hedging device” in the face of inflation. When prices rise, the word “inflation” is used, and when the value of the dollar falls, the term “deflation” is used. As inflation continues to climb, so does the price of gold.

Asset Protection
Because of the long-term value of gold, more people are turning to it as an investment during periods of economic uncertainty, such as those observed during recessions. Gold is frequently said to offer a “safe haven” for investors during times of economic uncertainty. When the predicted or actual returns on bonds, equities, and real estate fall, interest in gold investment may increase, resulting in a rise in the price of the precious metal. Gold may be used as a hedge against economic events like currency devaluation or inflation, among others. Furthermore, gold is seen as a safe haven during times of political turbulence and instability.

Gold Production
China, South Africa, the United States, Australia, Russia, and Peru are all key players in the global gold mining business. The price of gold is affected by the world’s gold output, which is yet another example of supply and demand being satisfied.

Investment Necessities
ETFs, which invest in gold and issue shares that investors may buy and sell on a daily basis, are also interested in gold. The SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) is the largest and most valuable, with more than 1,078 tonnes of gold as of March 2021.

Central bank reserves 
As a sort of reserve, central banks retain paper currency and gold on hand. When central banks diversify their monetary reserves away from paper currencies and toward gold, the price of gold usually rises. A huge number of countries throughout the world have gold reserves, which are mostly made up of gold.

The current currency exchange rate
The value of the Indian Rupee has plummeted since the lockout. It is now worth about 75 cents per US dollar. Because India is the world’s second-largest importer of gold, fluctuations in the rupee’s value affect gold prices.

The price of gold on the worldwide market
The price of gold in India is impacted by the global price of gold. Escalating coronavirus infections, rising tensions between the US and China, and general economic slowdowns have all led to a steady rise in gold prices throughout the world in recent weeks.

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