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Kriti Sharma

Name – Kriti Sharma

Age – 25

Language – Hindi & English

Kriti Sharma is a distinguished figure in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and technology, renowned for her contributions to ethical AI development rather than for superficial labels. Recognized globally, Sharma’s work focuses on creating AI technologies that are fair, transparent, and beneficial to society.

Sharma began her career with a robust background in computer science, which she utilized to advance in various high-profile tech roles. Her significant achievements include leading the development of AI-driven products at Sage Group, aimed at streamlining business operations for small and medium enterprises.

One of Sharma’s most impactful initiatives is AI for Good, which she founded to harness AI in tackling global challenges. This initiative has led to the creation of AI systems that address critical issues such as domestic violence, mental health, and digital literacy. Through AI for Good, Sharma has demonstrated the potential of technology to drive positive social change.

Kriti Sharma is also a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in technology. She emphasizes the importance of having diverse perspectives in AI to ensure that these technologies serve everyone equitably. Sharma’s thought leadership and advocacy efforts have made her a respected voice in the tech community, dedicated to making AI a force for good.

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